ACEBIKES Faltgarage M

Faltgarage, Grau, in verschiedenen Größen erhältlich. Perfekte Lösung für Motorradeigentümer ohne Garage.

Artikelnummer:: PAW-380-301

The ACEBIKES folding garage is a perfect solution for motorcycle owners without a garage. The folding garage quickly and easily creates a sheltered place for almost any type of motorcycle.

The collapsible garage protects your motorcycle, quad or scooter from all weather conditions. Because it is made of durable, high quality and strong polyester marine cloth, this collapsible garage is water resistant, resistant to UV damage and will not shrink or expand. The plastic articulation points prevent rust and ensure sustainability. The exhaust air ducts prevent moisture on your motorcycle.

- Durable materials
- Fully galvanized floor parts to prevent rust
- Also suitable for motorcycles with suitcases
- Ventilation slots on both sides
- Includes the fastening parts and sturdy seat belts

Technical data:
Color: Gray
Material: Steel
material: Polyester Material processing

Powder-coated Size S: Inner dimensions: L: 267 W: 101 H: 154 cm
Weight: 21.5 kg

Size M:
Internal dimensions: L 302 x W 119 x H 170 cm
Weight: 23.5 kg Scope of

Folding garage
4 x seat belts
fastening material

Note: Replacement tarpaulin
available separately.

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